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You'll find more than green pastures

Cogi Farm is possible only because of the magnificent land and natural environment that it's built upon. To preserve and maintain what nature has granted, we believe in responsible stewardship, where we're committed to operating in an environmentally conscientious manner as possible.

We use ecologically-friendly practices in our day-to-day management, while employing the latest technologies to reduce power dependence and minimize pollution of the waste-stream.

Cogi Wind Turbine   Wind power

Harnessing the gentle breezes wafting through the valley, Cogi's 125 Kilowatt wind turbine generates approximately 50% of our energy requirements, creating no pollution and offsetting what would have been generated through the purchase from conventional utilities.

recycling   Recycling

Bedding and manure from Cogi's horses are composted,
then recycled to fertilize and enrich our fields and pastures.

geothermal energy   Geothermal energy

Cogi Farm has applied for LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), application pending