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Trails, Hiking and Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy the stunning countryside and
take advantage of wildnerness
activities year round.

Cogi is part of the Oblong Trail Association, which was created as a means of encouraging equestrian, nature hiking and cross country skiing in the area.

Cogi Farm was one of the first landowners to step forward and support this concept. The organization currently has 50 miles of trail and is continually working to refurbish and establish new trails. The organization helps preserve our rural nature, while providing you access to some of the most pristine parcels of land.

At this time, there are over 300 individual members, an extraordinary and diverse group of people joining together in a variety of events, including the Holiday Party, Spring Paper Chase, Audubon Nature Walks and more.


Cogi Trail Riding, part of the Oblong Traill Association

Oblong Trail Association

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