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Your wishlist . . . delivered.

No need to choose or make trade-offs, its all here. Cogi Farm was developed literally from the ground up to provide equestrians and their horses an unsurpassed experience and the finest training and boarding facilities.

That magical combination
Cogi is both an equestrian center and a close-by retreat ... its rustic natural setting complemented by the refinement and quality you've come to appreciate in life.

What else will you find at Cogi?

Shawu - Danie de Jager   Amenities & Recreation

Created for the equestrian but equally suited for anyone looking to enjoy a beautiful environment, Cogi is outfitted with a wide range of activities and experiences to keep you stimulated and challenged.

Cogi Villas   The Villas at Cogi Farm Equestrian Club

Your love of horses, nature, and the outdoor lifestyle now has a home. For those who don't want to separate their passion from their daily life, Cogi Farm features a select number of farmhouse villas, where you can wake up to an exhilarating day with your horse, retiring peacefully and quietly, away from traffic, buildings and crowds.

Environment   A beautiful environment, meant to stay that way

And because we believe in responsible stewardship, you'll find Cogi Farm operated in the most environmentally conscientious way. We're committed to keeping it the green asset it is.

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